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Natural Health and Healing

" All disease begins in the gut" Hippocrates, ancient Greek Physician

Ready to start feeling better?

Do you want a natural solution to your health problem?

Are you ready to heal yourself from the inside out?

 I work with people like you to get your body healed, feeling better, and functioning the way it’s supposed to!

  • Get to the core source of what’s causing your health problems or making them worse!

  • Have an actionable plan, what to do first, next, and last. What to eat, what to avoid, what supplements you should/ should not be taking, and troubleshooting – everyone is different.

  • Feel Better, Function better, Live the best version of you!

Let’s Work Together!


  • Having a chronic health condition(s)?

  • Allergies?

  • IBS?

  • Chronic Diarrhea or Constipation?

  • Chronic Pain?

  • Chronic Fatigue?

  • Skin Issues?

  • Heartburn? Gassy, Distended, or Bloated?

  • Abdominal Pain?

  • Gaining Weight or Losing Weight Issues?

  • Autoimmune Condition(s)?

  • Neurologic Tics, OCD, Spectrum Disorders?

"Dr. J is amazing! My daughter had been suffering with eczema on her arms, knees, and neck since she was 4yrsold. She hated it! She was always embarrassed by and uncomfortable. She is now 12 and has been eczema free for a whole year! The way Dr. J laid out our plan was so helpful. He let us know what to do first, second, etc.  He even answered my "mom worry" emails 2 months after our appointment him. He makes things that seem overwhelming and stressful so simple. Whenever we have a health problem now, I just contact him first. He is extremely knowledgeable and great at teaching you how to be healthy. Which I thought I was but, my whole world changed after talking to him! I give him10 stars for making my baby happy and healthy in her skin!!!  Thanks again Dr. J!"

- Gayle K.

"My allergies were the WORST! I always had a box of tissues with me and could empty it in a half of a day. The daily sinuses headaches were making it hard to concentrate at work and to get anything done was just a task. I had stopped working out, stopped going outside, and I was tired all the time.  I talked to Dr. Justin for my allergies and after I avoided certain foods for about a month then added them back in with no problems, and a few other things he told me to do. I now don't have allergies and I just feel great all over. I thought it was crazy thinking fixing my gut would help, but it did! It makes total sense now. I was so inflamed and toxic he said my body was just overloaded. Now I am sleeping better, no brain fog(which is awesome), less pain after I work out and of course NO ALLERGIES!"

Jenny N.

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