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I have problem XYZ, can you help?

The human body has amazing healing abilities, I guide and counsel on what to do the maximize your function.

For example, gut related problems can create a plethora of symptoms and oftentimes I find you're the symptoms, either with multiple prescriptions or supplements, and missing the big picture.

Or you are very educated on the health matter and know it’s a gut related problem and you're not addressing it properly. Examples of this would be taking a supplement or diet that is causing you to have gut overgrowth, you're stressed-out having gut issues via the Vagus nerve, or unsuccessfully treating a Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) because of a biofilm or something like that.

I will help guide you to heal in a holistic fashion, from the inside out, and many symptoms and conditions you have will see benefit.

How does your program or treatment work?

First click “Apply Today”. I ask you a bunch of questions to get an idea of what’s going on. Fill out the form the best you can to inform me of your situation. Not everyone who applies is accepted by me to treat, however.

Next, I will reply to you, usually within 24-48 hours, I might ask you a few more questions. Then I’ll send you a link to schedule our phone call consult.

During our consult I will already have your plan of action ready to go. I will explain it to you, ask you questions, and you can ask me questions.

Usually, the plan of action will consist of:

Dietary programs


Lifestyle changes

Self-massage or muscle work


For example:

This could include certain self-massage techniques.

Supplements and diets to heal the gut lining, reduce overgrowth, improve healthy growth of beneficial microbes, improve digestion and nutritional absorption, as well as nourishing a depleted stress system, depleted immune system, and much more.

I look at the gut as a foundation to build strong health from and try to address everything that could be affecting it.

Everyone is uniquely different, and uniquely similar. I am good with working with you where you’re at and helping you to reach your goals.


What if I have a question to ask you after we have our scheduled appointment?

Always feel free to email me with questions. Often, I can help troubleshoot and give ideas or suggestions to try. If the question is too much for me to answer in an email, and I’ll let you know, we can always schedule a follow up appointment.


How does this help with allergies? I’ve tried everything from shots to over-the-counter meds.

I’ve worked with people who’ve had overgrowths of bacteria in their gut that are histamine producing. They eat up an amino acid from your food and turn it into histamine inside your body. Also, the enzyme your body produces to degrade histamine can be affected by intestinal inflammation, as it's produced in the gut lining. Also having a "leaky gut" can allow the rapid transport of histamine from your intestines to your bloodstream. When this happens, you can become Histamine Intolerant, and foods, pollens, the environment, etc. can cause you to have a chronic response, mild or severe, because your histamine levels are so high. So yes, healing your gut can have dramatic effects on your allergies. 


“Myself or my child has symptom XYZ, we’ve been to all these specialists and tried everything, how will you help or be different?”

Great question, I’ve heard this too many times to count. Truth is many treatments are simply painting over rust.

If your gut is leaking inflammation and toxins into the body, and you’re not addressing that, you will continue to have problems.

If bacteria are overgrown in your gut eating up your vitamins - that needs to be dealt with - not just supplementing every vitamin you might be deficient in. I have patients all the time coming in with dozens of supplements they’ve been told to take or read about online to help. I take it a step further, and work with you to correct the cause. This is what I’m best at, creating plans that work holistically.

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