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I'm Dr. Justin Fortier

Welcome to my site!

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I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic with a post graduate specialty in Applied Kinesiology and a passion for natural health. I take a unique approach with my patients. How it works: I manually muscle test your muscles looking for muscles that are: •not contracting properly •contracting too much •contracting/not contracting when they should or should not be And I fix the imbalance. This involves looking at muscles as they work in groups together (synergists) helping each other, and (antagonists) working against. Finding and treating muscular trigger points and restricted fascia is very common in many of my treatments. Often releasing restricted fascia and muscular trigger points will cause skeletal misalignments to resolve themselves with no chiropractic type manipulation necessary. To me this is the most ideal, to have your own body regulating itself better. I make sure to check muscle function in gait, to make alignment corrections long lasting, and find imbalances that might be missed. Injuries (and many times “healed” surgeries) left uncorrected can create patterns of chronic misalignments. As they body compensates it can set the stage for future problems, even far away from where the initial problem originated. For example, you pull a calf muscle, maybe from improper footwear, exercising, stepping off a stair funny – who knows. The muscle develops tender nodule trigger points in the muscle. The fascia starts tightening up. The muscle and fascial pulling can restrict the small bones of the foot, creating misalignments in the foot, creating plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis due to the tightening of the calf. The tightening of the calf muscle and fascia can also extend behind the knee joint causing knee pain when it bends. The facial planes of the calf extend through the hamstrings into the big strong glute muscles. Now a calf pull can be causing low back pain, SI joint pain, and hip pain. Due to the way we move in gait, as time goes on the restriction and compensation will work into the opposite extremity, in this case the opposite shoulder. All the while the back muscles and fascia will tighten up, causing more misalignment patterns of the spine and ribs. From the alterations in movement, reduced range of motion, and/or pain; the shoulder can create symptoms in the arm, up into the neck, and TMJ. And it can go the other way too, arm injury causing back pain, TMJ causing shoulder/ neck problems, knee issue causing hip issues and rib issues. Infinite possibilities. This is just an example of common patients I see. Also, very often the original injury that set up a domino effect of compensation will not even hurt anymore! The body numbs these out after a while. But the tight trigger points and fascia will still be there when I palpate over it. I find these best through muscle testing, testing in simulated gait, and taking the time to look.

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I have been involved in athletics for 20 years and have competed at all levels, including professionally for the past 7 years. During that time, I have been in search for the best forms of recovery. I have

practiced many recovery techniques and seen various people in the health and wellness field. I began working

with Justin in 2015.

He is the absolute best when it comes to making sure my body is functioning

properly in order to handle the rigors of an NFL season.

When I have very specific areas that need attention, he treats the root of the problem rather than just that

specific area. I always leave his office feeling my best. Whatever your goals are when it comes to optimizing

your body and feeling your best, you will not find someone better in the DFW Area than Justin Fortier.

Jeff Heath

Dallas Cowboys


Dr Justin is very knowledgeable and cares about his patient's health greatly! I have been treated by over 10 Chiropractors in the last 20 years and I would rank Dr. Justin at the top! He genuinely       places his clients first!                                                

-Greg D.

I was referred to Dr. Fortier by one of my clients and he was amazing! I see him every couple months. He is professional and thorough. I feel so great when he is done. He really takes his time and figures out the core of what is going on. Amazing. I drive two hours just to see him.  highly recommended.

—  Maggie V.

Dr. Justin is our Secret Weapon
My twin sons are high school wrestlers and during their seasons they get lots of aches and pains from
practices and matches. About three years ago they started visiting Dr. Justin and the results have been
amazing. Prior to that time, I thought they were doing everything they needed to do to be successful wrestlers.
They ate clean, got plenty of sleep, lifted weights, and practiced hard. I didn’t realize they also needed to get their aches and pains treated. Once we added treatments with Dr. Justin to their arsenal they felt better, and it made a very positive impact to how they wrestled. Now my wrestling sons regularly visit Dr. Justin and an appointment with him is a must have before any
major competition. Next year my sons will go away to college and wrestle. I am sure when they return home one of the first
places they will visit is Dr. Justin.

Mike Decker

My husband and I drive from 8+ hours away to see Dr. Fortier - he's really that great! He is incredibly knowledgeable and gives very effective treatment. When I first came to him I experienced almost complete healing from a major illness in just 3 visits, and it hasn't been a problem again at all since following his recommendations. His treatment has been life-changing for me, and for everyone I have referred to him.


Erin J.



I cannot say enough good things about Dr Justin!!  He genuinely cares about helping his patients. My son had severe eczema since he was a couple months old.  We had gone to numerous doctors that kept prescribing us medications that never worked. When we brought him to dr Justin, he immediately determined that he had an allergy to casein and now since he has been casein free his eczema has been completely gone.  Dr Justin has helped everyone in my family at some point. 


Lauren B.

My 85 year old Mother, Evelyn Watson, just loves going to Dr. Fortier. He has helped her with numerous problems, including a torn rotator cuff, and numbness in both hands. She "doesn't do" computers so she asked me to add this review for her. She says she owes her quality of life to this doctor. She loves the way he really listens to her and understands her concerns.




I started seeing Dr. Justin a few visits ago for a shoulder injury that I've had for 1 1/2 years.  My shoulder feels 90% better after only a few visits! Dr. Justin has a genuine interest in me as a patient.  He has an excellent bedside manner. He has always spent adequate time addressing my shoulder issues, as well as always checking up on my TMJ and general alignment.  My shoulder has always had better range of motion immediately after each visit! It's amazing! Dr. Justin is very knowledgeable in all areas of health and wellness. Just today I pulled a calf muscle running.  He has squeezed me into his schedule today! I would recommend him 100%!


Brad T.


I recommend Dr. Fortier to anyone and everyone. I have been going to Dr. Fortier for several years now and love his whole body wellness approach (rather than looking at muscles, internal organs, and hormones individually) when figuring out the root cause. He has helped me heal several sports injuries, stomach issues, stress induced issues, and also provides supplement and nutritional advice. If something feels 'off', he knows what it is and how to treat it! His work keeps me out of the doctors office and away from antibiotics- I give him the highest recommendation!


Rachael W.


I can't say enough great things about Dr. Justin Fortier!! He is wonderful!!

​A year ago, upon many great recommendations, I brought my teenage daughter to him. She was suffering from many issues (constipation, foot pain from plantar fasciitis, nausea, exhaustion and many other things that most teenagers should not have to suffer with) that no doctors could seem to properly diagnose. Upon a very thorough examination, he determined that she was suffering from adrenal fatigue which was contributing to most of these issues, including her plantar fasciitis. A year later, she is a much stronger, happier healthier teenager and we owe this to Dr. Justin and his fabulous care!! He thinks outside the box to get to the root cause of what is causing the issues that you are having. He will keep working with you until he can figure it out - and for us, he always does!


I also started seeing him and he suggested that I get tested for MTHFR (a hereditary gene mutation). I did end up tested positive, just as he suspected. He was able to suggest a simple supplement to take that will help with some of the effects of this gene mutation and improve my quality of life.


We call Dr. Justin our miracle doctor!! We've recommended him to numerous other friends and they too have been amazed at his quality of care.


Holly D.


7 years ago-

Dr. Fortier has an amazing personality and a great approach to whole-body health.

I first met him when my son was having an allergic reaction to pink food dye (in his antibiotic) - a friend told me to try accupressure for food allergies. The rash was spreading quickly all over his body, and Dr. Fortier was able to get me in almost immediately. Within an hour of being treated by Dr. Fortier, my son's rash was COMPLETELY cleared up - not a red spot on his body. It was amazing.

I have since brought my infant daughter to him too - she has had a recurring ear infection problem for nearly a year, and had not been without antibiotics longer than 5 days since she was 3 months old! I don't know why I didn't think to take her to him sooner - but he was the answer to our prayers for her health. She has now been ANTIBIOTIC FREE for over THREE WEEKS! The longest we have ever been without an ear infection...! The sleep I'm getting at night, alone, makes the visit well worth it, but my sweet baby, who has never known life without ear pain, is now PAIN FREE.

I am not only shocked and amazed - we were completely ready to get tubes in her ears... but do not have insurance to pay for it... this was not only a savings for us, cost-wise (the numerous doctor visits, prescriptions, the pain medicines), but for our family's health concerns, this was a godsend.

I could go on and on... my son can drink milk now, and eat eggs (we had an epi-pen for his egg allergy), and my daughter's little head is rounder (without a helmet!). It's crazy. Completely. And if I were reading this, and hadn't tried it myself, I wouldn't believe it.

But it works.

And Dr. Fortier is conveniently located, affordable, and such a nice guy!

I cannot recommend him enough!


Lisa T.


Dr Justin is very knowledgeable and cares about his patience health greatly! I have been treated by over 10 Chiropractors in the last 20 years and I would rank Dr Justin at the top! He genuinely places his clients first!                                                


Greg D.


Justin is the real deal, I have been going to chiropractors for over 25 years usually twice a month and since going to Justin, his use of kinesiology allows me to go a month or more before needing a tune up. He also treats the whole body, not just back problems. I send all those I know having health issues to him and they have all improved their health and are pain free.


I can't say enough great things about Dr. Justin (as everyone calls him). He has been helping my 14 year old son with sports injuries and some food sensitivities, and helping me with back pain and some stomach issues that ended up being the root of my back issues, come to find out! It's amazing how the human body works, and how it can heal itself with the proper tools and findings. Dr. Justin is "magic", as we call him.  He finds issues with muscle testing (kinesiology) that no other doctor has ever been able to diagnose as well. It's not "hokey". I truly believe in his diagnoses, as they are HELPING us! Finally, some relief and answers. He isn't your traditional 'chiropractor" who pops bones and have you in and out of his office in 3-5 minutes (like the one I went to in Flower Mound, near Cici's Pizza if you're interested, who seems to just run an assembly line and do the one-size-fits-all back popping, with NO relief and not much verbal instruction on things to do to get better, but that's another review for later on him). Dr. Justin takes his time, and he also doesn't try to sell you tons of supplements.  He only has me on 2 supplements, and a new exercise plan. He truly cares, and he is funny as well, with a great bedside manner. He has also helped at least 8-10 other people we know personally (teens and other moms and dads my age). He came HIGHLY recommended to us, and we are SO glad we went to see him.


His office staff is great and friendly too. Fairly easy to book appointments without much delay.  His goal is to see you not more than 3-4 times, and then just periodically for checkups... (again, not like my other chiro, who wanted about 3 times a week at my $60 per pop co-pay, for his 2 min of time!)...


Highly recommend him if you want to get HEALTHY AND WELL! 5 stars!

Sharon A.


Dr. Fortier is specialized in applied kinesiology and has impressed me more than any doctor I have ever met. I have been seeing him now for a long time as he is very knowledgeable, professional, and provides treatment specific to the individual's needs. I have been to many chiropractors over the years and Dr Fortier simply is on such a higher level with his understanding of the human body. I had a reverse curve in my neck with early signs of MS that completely reversed following his treatment. I have also had many problems with my stomach that was a result of not enough acid that he fixed very quickly. Last fall I was in a car accident and he got me so fast and I left feeling better than I had before the accident. I simply cannot say enough great things about him, if you want the key to true health then you have to go see him!!!!!!


"Dr. J is amazing! My daughter had been suffering with eczema on her arms, knees, and neck since she was 4yrsold. She hated it! She was always embarrassed by and uncomfortable. She is now 12 and has been eczema free for a whole year! The way Dr. J laid out our plan was so helpful. He let us know what to do first, second, etc.  He even answered my "mom worry" emails 2 months after our appointment him. He makes things that seem overwhelming and stressful so simple. Whenever we have a health problem now, I just contact him first. He is extremely knowledgeable and great at teaching you how to be healthy. Which I thought I was but, my whole world changed after talking to him! I give him10 stars for making my baby happy and healthy in her skin!!!  Thanks again Dr. J!"

- Gayle K.

"My allergies were the WORST! I always had a box of tissues with me and could empty it in a half of a day. The daily sinuses headaches were making it hard to concentrate at work and to get anything done was just a task. I had stopped working out, stopped going outside, and I was tired all the time.  I talked to Dr. Justin for my allergies and after I avoided certain foods for about a month then added them back in with no problems, and a few other things he told me to do. I now don't have allergies and I just feel great all over. I thought it was crazy thinking fixing my gut would help, but it did! It makes total sense now. I was so inflamed and toxic he said my body was just overloaded. Now I am sleeping better, no brain fog(which is awesome), less pain after I work out and of course NO ALLERGIES!"

Jenny N.

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